Infidelity is THE ultimate betrayal. Here’s the person you’ve spent the most time with, perhaps even many years, completely disregarding and destroying the Trust you have built as a couple. Emotionally this is a very difficult thing to endure. It’s all you can think about… The sleepless nights and non-productive work hours are just the tip of the iceburg. You deserve to know the truth, not just for peace of mind, but also for your health and the health and welfare of the family. Cheating and adultery are rampant nowadays. There are litterally hundreds of dating applications and thousands of dating websites online. Social media has made it super easy to re-connect with old flames and discreet messaging applications make it easy to communicate with lovers without your knowledge. 

Infidelity is THE ultimate betrayal.

How to catch a cheating spouse or significant other.

This is what we do best. Our private investigators are experts at gathering the evidence you need to protect yourself. Whether you’re wanting to prtect yourself financially or you need the proof to move on, we can get it. In North Carolina, you must show two things to prove adultery in a court of law.

  1. Inclination – Inclination is some sort of affection. It could be a hug, kiss, holding hands, or even text messages that say things like: “I love you”, “Last night was great”, “I can’t wait to be with you forever”. Affection is often obtained through surveillance, but can also be precluded with explicit text messages or communication. Our private investigators are certified in digital forensics, so we can possibly help in recovering text messages, even if they have been deleted.
  2. Opportunity – Opportunity is just that… The opportunity for your spouse and lover to act out on their feeelings for each other. This is most often behind closed doors, but if you have inclination or affection and they are out of public view, alone, infidelity can be assumed.

It is best to obtain multiple events of this and that why it is also best to hire a professional to assist you with getting the proof you need. Going it alone can cause many problems and whatever evidence you obtain may not be admissible.

You should know that you’re not alone. We have worked thousands of infidelity and adultery cases. You should also know that you are not “crazy” or “paranoid”. Have you heard that before? Listen, your spouse will deny any assertions you make without proof. We’ve even had them deny an extra-marital affair when there’s photographic evidence! Here are some facts: We have caught the mate cheating over 97% of the time. Most of the time we are following men. Women’s gut instinct is WAY more accurate than a man’s. When a woman comes into our office for a consult, 99.9% of the time, they are correct. They just want the proof… They need the proof. The men are are right approximately 85% of the time. These percentages have proven to be true after 15 years of investigating cheaters.

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