Utilizing our proprietary resources and techniques, we can locate nearly anyone.

We search and find hundreds of people a every year.

There are various reasons why someone would want or need to locate a person. Some of the reasons to locate someone might be the following: the person is simply missing; trying to locate a deadbeat dad or mother; locate the a person that needs to be served legal documents (service of process), paternity, lost relatives, long lost loves, a dear friend from long ago, skip trace a debtor, inheritance and more. We are able to scour hundreds of databases, whereas most search services and private investigators only have access to 1 or 2 resources.

In addition to the billions of records we have access to, we are also social media and deep web research experts. Finding someone is sort of like putting a puzzle together, but you may only have one or two pieces to start with. Once you provide us with the information you know about the person, we get to work. Sometimes we only have a name to go on. This can make it very difficult, but not impossible. We have found many people with just the name, alone. Obviously, the more information we have the easier and quicker our search will be.

How do we find someone?

Armed with the information you provide, we begin with finding any and all identifiers for the person to be located. Then we compile as much data as we can about this person, then we eliminate the inaccuracies. After compiling all the data we can, from our resources and the deep web, we then begin tracing through social media. Many folks don’t know this, but there are checkpoints and recognition capabilities in some of the social media platforms. For example, the general public used to be able to search for a profile by entering a telephone number or email address. No more. However, we can and do this all the time to locate someone’s profile.

Pictures are worth a thousand words…

You’ve hear that before. Well, it’s very true and we use pictures on social media, the internet and deep web all the time to identify and locate people and assets.

It’s very difficult to hide in today’s world. Everything is so well connected and archived. At the same time, it’s tough to know for sure that the information you may find is accurate. This is where our experts come in. We use a proven process that connects all the dots to determine where the person you’re looking for is currently located. People leave clues or “footprints”. These traces are the “breadcrumbs” folks leave behind and what we use to locate a person.