We are often asked, by potential Clients, if they need a Private Investigator near their location or can they hire a Private Investigator or Detective anywhere in the US. The answer can vary based on the type of service(s) the Client needs and potentially the licensing requirements to provide said service or services. With that said, a good start would be to plug into your search engine of choice “best private investigators near me”. This will provide some good information to begin your search for who, what, when, and where to contract services. If you are needing “boots on the ground” (i.e. Surveillance, TSCM, courthouse retrieval, Service of Process, etc.) and the Subject or establishment is in your area, you may want to consider a Private Investigator Near You. Why? Well, for starters, if the Investigator or Detective has to travel, they be more costly to hire. Also, I would suggest (whenever possible) to meet the Private Detective, in person. To me it is very important to feel comfortable with who you decide to hire. There’s no better way than to meet them face to face. On the other hand, it may not be possible to hire a professional private investigator near you. It could be that there are no private investigators nearby that either provide the type of service you need or possess the necessary skill to provide a good work product. It is also possible that you may need the assistance of multiple Private Investigators. This is a rare scenario, but an example of this would be, say, you need to locate a person to be served legal documents. You believe the person is still living and working in your area, so you meet with and hire a Private Investigator Near You to uncover and address for the Subject. It turns out that the person has moved to another city or state outside of the Investigator’s service area or somewhere where they are not licensed to work as a PI. That Private Investigator may have a colleague they can refer or you’ll be on the hunt, again, for a second private investigator or Private Process Server. These are just some of the considerations when deciding to hire private investigators. As mentioned before, I would want one near me, if at all possible.